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Far to often simple tasks are made complicated
by using the wrong equipment for the job

Greenfield Products have developed a line of heavy duty tyre and hardware handlers that are unsurpassed in quality and effectiveness. Whether it’s to manipulate a small grader tyre or the largest tyre chain combination in the mining industry, we can provide the safest tyre and hardware manipulator that will increase your productivity.

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About Greenfield Handlers

Quality, through superior knowledge and professional experience, is the basic premise Greenfield Products LLC was built upon. Today those same ideas remain at the forefront of every project that comes through our doors. From our engineering department, to the manufacturing floor, where our custom built ideas take shape, quality is always the goal at hand. Utilizing 8,920 square metres of facility space, Greenfield Products LLC, has the ability to engineer, machine, and fabricate the largest projects with ease, while maintaining the same precision and quality for which we have become known.

Greenfield Products LLC has two master dealerships globally. We, at Greenfield Handlers, are proud to be the Greenfield Asia Pacific dealers.

The Advantages


Enhances visibility when changing or transporting tyres – providing optimum efficiency and effectiveness


Capable of completing jobs quickly and effectively in demanding circumstances


More durable and capable of heavy duty work in material handling industries


Creating a safe, cost-efficient operation whilst also operating at a higher level of precision

The 6 Step Process

Choosing the safest tyre & hardware handler for your application.

01.   Identify the largest diameter tyre in your fleet

02.   Identify the heaviest tyre and hardware in your fleet

03.   Running chain? Add weight into total wheel weight

04.   Safety is vital – so make sure the combination has the required capacity for your workplace

05.   Consider these important options:

  1. Does the workshop require 90 or 180 degrees pad rotation?
  2. Body rotation & manoeuvrability
  3. Clearances around hydraulic & fuel tank
  4. Stacking height
  5. Side shift

06.   Check your forklift has the rated capacity to handle your chosen attachment.

Please refer back to the dealer for more information.

Which model?
Before choosing your model, refer to our information guide.

With its unique drop arm configuration, the integral mast mounted tyre and hardware handler is undoubtedly one of the SAFEST manipulator in the world.

They are specifically designed to handle the largest mining tyres with or without hardware, and with or without chains. The tyre handler design allows greater capacity retention per dollar spent when combining an attachment and base unit together. This combination provides the final capacity retentions and limitations for the actual lifting capabilities and rating of the manipulator.

With a maximum retention capacity of up to 15,630 kgs, the Greenfield TH Series features a special tyre and hardware handling design that can be spread from a minimum of 1016mm to a maximum of 4368.8mm. The down sloping arms provide superior forward visibility during the tyre and hardware handling process. This approach optimises the truck size to provide a short wheel base machine with excellent manoeuvrability.

Greenfield Products

Visit the OEM for more information

We would like to thank Shin Pacific for the dry hire of their Hyster/Greenfield Tyre Handler Machine. This helped us with the assembly of 9x CAT 793 Dump Trucks that our company assembled in Brisbane. The Greenfield attachment matched with the Hyster machine was in excellent condition and was a pleasure to operate, turning circle was fantastic in tight areas, vision from operator's station including lighting at night was great, controls were easy to use, and machine includes some great safety features. We experienced excellent service and our company would highly recommend Gil at Shin Pacific for any future needs for a tyre handler.
Stephen Todd
Director - Toddy's Machinery Maintenance