Far to often simple tasks are made complicated by using the wrong equipment for the job.

Greenfield Products and Hyster together have developed a line of heavy duty tyre and hardware handlers that are unsurpassed in quality and effectiveness. Whether it's to manipulate a small grader tyre or the largest tyre chain combination in the mining industry, we can provide the perfect tyre and hardware manipulator that will increase your productivity.

Greenfield Handler TH35

With its unique drop arm configuration, the integral mast mounted tyre and hardware handler is undoubtedly one of the SAFEST manipulator in the world.

They are specifically designed to handle the largest mining tyres with or without hardware, and with or without chains. The tyre handler design allows greater capacity retention per $ spent when combining an attachment and base unit together. This combination provides the final capacity retentions and limitations for the actual lifting capabilities and rating of the manipulator.

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Download our product line document with specific details of our full range of tyre and hardware manipulators here. COMPLETE OFFERING OF TYRE HANDLING.

Make sure you choose the correct combination of forklift and attachment assembly for your specific tyre manipulating requirements.

With a maximum retention capacity of up to 16,070 kgs, the Greenfield TH Series features a special tyre and hardware handling design that can be spread from a minimum of 1016mm to a maximum of 4368.8mm. The down sloping arms provide superior forward visibility during the tyre and hardware handling manipulation. With the exception of the TH5 and the TH10WL, the TH Series is designed specifically for use on forklift trucks. This approach optimises the truck size to provide a short wheel base machine with excellent manoeuvrability.

Browse the site to see Greenfield's unique design advantages of manipulating, not just the tyre, but also the bead ring, flange and the rim with ease. Greenfield Handlers Asia Pacific can provide you with the perfect tyre and hardware manipulator for your mining, construction, agricultural or material handling operation.