Some of the advantages of buying or renting a Greenfield Drop Arm Tyre Manipulator.

Greenfield’s drop arm attachment when in the working position offers more vision than any other tyre handler manufacturer today. Greenfield’s drop arm design offers unimpeded access and egress from the crush zone when in the working position. Greenfield’s produces the only arm assembly that can legally break bead without voiding warranty. Greenfield’s arch design offers true stud alignment in a single pass. Greenfield’s oblong pad design handles all hardware jewellery.

Which model is the best for my needs?

The best way to determine which model tyre manipulator would work best for you is contact us with the size of equipment you operate, the type of working conditions you operate in, and any other factors that should be considered. We will ensure that you fully understand your options and will answer any questions you may have.

What is the different between a tyre manipulator and a tyre handler?

A tyre manipulator handles everything, not just the tyre, but also the lock ring or bead ring, the flange and the rim whereas most parallelogram tyre handler only handles the tyres.