TH10/12 Tyre Handler

Capacity: 4,179/5,452kg*

The TH10/12 Tyre Handler is specifically designed to use standard toggle controls, and provide unsurpassed operator visibility under the carriage with an unobstructed view of the haul truck drive axle. The result is a tyre handler with productivity that is second-to-none.


  • A design optimised specifically for use on a fork lift truck.
  • Integral mounted in the mast of the fork lift to maximise the capacity.
  • Drop arm design provides unmatched operator visibility and provides egress out of the handling area for safety.
  • Functions include outer carriage tilting, clamp arm positioning, arm side shifting and tyre rotation.
  • All tyre handler functions are actuated by hydraulic cylinders, providing durability and ease of maintenance.

*Maximum truck capacity measured at the pad centre. Truck capacity depends on the fork truck counterweight option. The final rating plate, issued by the OEM, depends on the configuration of the truck and the attachment combined.

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